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Quetiapine Hemifumarate API Exporters

Quetiapine Hemifumarate API Exporters

Vasudha Pharma is a leading Indian Quetiapine Hemifumarate API Exporters and Manufacturers of pharmaceutical APIs and Intermediates. Quetiapine Hemifumarate is an atypical antipsychotic drug. This is primarily used in the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder & major depressive disorder.

Company Profile :

  • To become an customer driven company by providing customized solutions and services to meet changing the customer requirements and needs( BP/IP/USP/Ph.Eur/JP specifications).
  • Using a cost-effective manufacturing method which is supported by proven, environment friendly and safe technologies.
  • The company is fully equipped to analyze pharmaceutical products as per the international standards and specifications.
  • R&D is to enhance the product quality with consistency in an eco-friendly facility with fundamental process and utmost safety.
  • Vasudha Pharma laboratories are manned by experienced and well trained chemists to perform various types of analytical pharmaceutical studies.
Quetiapine Hemifumarate API Exporters

Quetiapine Hemifumarate API Chemical Properties :

CAS No 111974-72-2
Chemical Name 2-(2-(4-dibenzo[b,f][1,4]thiazepine- 11-yl- 1-piperazinyl)ethoxy)ethanol fumarate
Molecular Formula C42H50N604S2C4H4O4
Molecular Weight 883.09
Storage Temp -20°C Freezer
Melting Point 174-176°C
Chemical Structure Chemical Structure