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Vasudha Foundation

Vasudha Foundation

AKSHARA (EDUCATION): Programme designed to extend helping hand to poor students pursuing higher education like engineering, medicine, post graduate courses etc.
AAROGYA (HEALTH): Programme designed to provide financial assistance for medical treatment to the poor and needy.
AASHRAYA (SHELTER): Programme designed to address the problems faced by the senior citizens and taking care of them during their sacred phase of ‘Vruddhapya’ (old age).
AADARANA (CARE & REHABILITATION): Programme designed to specially disabled people to face the challenges and lead a normal life.
AKSHAYA (RELIEF DURING NATURAL CALAMITIES): Programme designed to stand forefront to extend helping hand to the people who are in crisis at the time of natural calamities and helping them to revert back to normal life.


  • Distribution of note books to the poor students
  • Providing financial assistance to the economically backward students for their higher education etc.
  • Foundation provides financial assistance to the institutions who are educating poor children in tribal and other backward areas.
  • Providing financial assistance to poor patients treated in Government and Corporate hospitals.
  • Setting up of RO Plants for the purpose of providing clean affordable drinking water for all.
  • Distribution of clothes, blankets etc., to the senior citizens and providing pensions in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
  • Presently 500 organizations are receiving financial assistance from the Foundation and extending service and support to specially abled people in challenged institutions.
  • Providing immediate relief to people hit by natural calamities.
  • Providing Saplings in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Awarding the School children who are actively participating in Environmental protection.

Donation to Saraswathi Vidhya Peetham-Hyderabad (March 2019)