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EHS Policy


Vasudha Pharma ChemLimited henceforth will be referred to as ‘Organization’ for this policy purpose. As an Organization which is committed to conduct its business (manufacture and supply of APIs and Intermediates) in an ethical and safe manner, EHS policy has been framed to protect the environment, to safeguard the health and safety of its team, customers, suppliers and the public.

Organization firmly believes that earth is the only planet, which is equipped with all natural resources for the sustainability of living beingsand right for all to live, hence it is committed for the protection of environment, prevention of pollution, prevention of injury and ill health of its team, customers, suppliers and the public. Organization shall give priority to environmental issues, health and safety issues of employees over other business issues.


Every employee of the Organization has the responsibility to read, understand and implement this policy.

Date of Commencement:

This policy will continue in operation with effect from…………………………….

  • Provide the leadership and guidance to implement this policy.
  • Comply with all applicable EHS legislations, statutory and regulatory requirements and other requirements subscribed to
  • Create awareness among the team, provide safety equipment and appliances, sustain an excellent safety culture and strive to make the factory a hazard free work place.
  • Arrange appropriate level of training and support to all team members to ensure that they are able to fulfil responsibilities/obligations of Environmental, Health & Safety.
  • Organize safety meetings and shall collect feedback / suggestions from the team on risks in the existing operational conditions and adopt viable corrective steps.
  • Conduct periodic medical check-up of its team and shall give treatment, if required.
  • Strive to minimize wastage of chemicals, reduce emission of gases & noise, take necessary steps for treatment of gas emissions & effluent and get the gas emissions, noise & effluent analyzedperiodically.
  • Allocate appropriate resources to fulfil the above objectives and continuously review the policy’s relevance to safe working environment.
  • Assess all operational activities and potential changes to identify significant hazards and/or environmental impacts and implement appropriate measures to ensure that exposure to such risks is maintained as low as possible.
  • Make EHS policy available to the public and all stake holders.
  • Periodically review the EHS policy to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness with respect to its current and future business and changing EHS requirements.

Power to Amend:

The Organization reserves the right to amend the policy at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. The utility and interpretation of this policy will be at the sole discretion of the management and all the decisions of the management shall become final.

Ashok Mantena
Executive Director