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Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers In India

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers In India

Vasudha Pharma Chem Limited is incorporated in the year 1956 and renowned as public limited Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers In India. Engaged in manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API's), Pharmaceutical Intermediates and Pharmaceutical Formulations.

Pharmaceutical Drug :

A Pharmaceutical Drug(commonly known as medicine, medication) are natural or chemical substances used to diagnose, cure, treat or to prevent different types of diseases. A wide variety of pharmaceutical medicines are used for relieving acute pains and also help in controlling mental or physical ailments. In the pharmaceutical industry, a drugs are widely used for treating several diseases such as a cough, cold, cancer, diabetes, HIV, headache, nausea, typhoid, fever, tumor, hyper tension, heart attack etc.

Although pharmaceutical drugs on the whole greatly improve patient outcomes and quality of life when used as prescribed, they aren't without their complications. Vasudha Pharma research on pharmaceuticals examines the safety and effectiveness; prescription drug abuse; relevant health economics issues; challenges related to access and adherence; and pharmaceutical industry regulatory policy and standards.

Pharmaceutical Drug Manufacturers In India

Our Products :

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
  • Piperidone & Piperidine Derivatives
  • Other Intermediates of API's

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