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Domperidone Maleate API Exporters

Domperidone Maleate API Exporters

Domperidone Maleate API Exporters – Vasudha Pharma is well known and wide variety of Domperidone Maleate, Itopride Hydrochloride, cisapride monohydrate, esomeprazole magnesium trihydrate APIs manufacturing company in India. Working with excellence and perfection, we are highly preferred among clients for manufacturing and exporting a categorical stock of pharmaceutical APIs and Intermediates.

Domperidone Maleate API :

Domperidone Maleate drugs are prescribed to patients for the treatment of dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting and to increase the passage of food through the stomach. Besides this, the offered of Domperidone Maleate API also has its benefits in increasing the lactation by the release of Prolactin.

Uses of Domperidone Maleate :

  • Domperidone Maleate is a potent peripheral dopamine receptor antagonist with anti-vomiting and gastro-kinetic effects.
  • Used for the treatment of dyspepsia, and nausea and vomiting induced by functional, organic, dietary infection, drug therapy or radiation therapy.
  • Used for treating nausea caused by treating the Parkinson’s disease through taking dopamine agonists
  • Used as anti-cholinergic antispasmodics.
Domperidone Maleate API Exporters

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