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API Intermediates Manufacturer In Hyderabad

API Intermediates Manufacturer In Hyderabad

Vasudha Pharma is an API Intermediates Manufacturer in Hyderabad, Offering API's, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Derivatives and Specialty chemicals. We are a research-driven, vertically integrated pharmaceutical drugs company manufacturing Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, API Intermediates, Derivatives for the pharmaceutical industry across the world.

Quality Management in Customer Satisfaction :

We have equipped with modern manufacturing facilities and advance state-of-the-art technology for achieving quality products manufactured by us. The API Intermediates are the combination of drug elements that are proposed to be used in various finished pharmaceutical products(drugs, tablets, pellets etc). We are committed to providing pharmaceutical products as per customer requirement selected range of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API's) and its Intermediates.

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API Intermediates Manufacturer In Hyderabad

API Intermediates :

Intermediates of Domperidone and Domperidone Maleate

Product Name CAS No Molecular Weight Molecular Formula
1-(3-Chloropropyl)-1,3-dihydro-2H-benzimidazol-2-one 62780-89-6 210.66 C10H11ClN2O
5-Chloro 1,3 dihydro -1- (4-piperidinyl) -2H- benzimidazol - 2 -one 53786-28-0 251.1 C12H14ClN3O

Intermediates of Loratadine & Desloratadine

Product Name CAS No Molecular Weight Molecular Formula
3(2-(3-Chloro phenyl)ethyl) cyano pyridine 31255-55-7 242.70354 C14H11ClN2
8-Chloro-5,6 dihydro(11H)-benzo[5,6] cyclohepta (1,2b) pyridine -11-one 31251-41-9 243.69 C14H10ClNO
{3-[2-(3-Chlorophenyl)ethyl]pyridine-2-yl}-(1-methyl piperidine-4-yl) 119770-60-4 379.32 C20H24Cl2N2O